Thank you for your trust in us! We appreciate you!

We appreciate your confidence in us, your kindness is noticed and we would like to give back in a way that is best for you. These days with mail getting lost, (many gifts I've sent via snail mail have gone missing sadly, and nothing feels worse than money/gift cards disappearing without a trace) With this in mind, I've decided to change my strategy for gift giving and I am going to try out e-cards (email gift cards). Thank you & please be sure that I have your correct email address to send this gift as well as your phone number so that I can confirm that you received your well deserved gift. Cheers! Each gift is between $10-20 in value (based on number of people that choose this option for the 2019/2020 holiday season) unless you enter the draw for $130 free annual Isagenix shipping package - chances are GREAT that you could win that!